Years ago , as a child , I was walking with my brother in a forest , I saw , a man , as tall as my father at corner of my eye I ran there suppecting my father came to suprise me , and much my horror , it was faceless , I suppect it was mask ( Damn right one ) I went to check up on my brother , much to my dismay he was PLAYING with it . Next thing I know , looks at me , it has no eyes , but its face faces mine , he moved slowly towards me as I stare back and finnaly blink . He was gone , I took my brother home , wrote it down , and found it last month . I looked up 'Faceless man' and at some point , found a match , burnt 1 of the 7 copies I was giving away using that same match (This is a joke) , and then found an answer : Slender...Man...I was scared of posting this but it to be told , I have the note , it read out :

Diary : I went to a wood and found Daddy at the wood but daddy wore a mask , he played with **** ( Name of brother , censored ) and disappeared , daddy ... Magic man ... Later , I go home with my brother , happy that daddy follow me to make sure I be safe , I later after diner ask daddy why he try sneak up on me and how you use magic man powers . he said : But I didn't . I know he lying , he scared I abuse the magic , no , I just find santa . And ghosts .

3 Weeks ago . I found another simular entry , 3 days after my birthday , confirming this was written when I was 8 , the previous one being 6 . 

Dear Diary : It's 3 days since my 8th birthday , and this reminds me of an event 2 years ago , which **** doesn't . Whom I believed to be my father in a mask , wasn't Dad was at work and video futage proves it , could that man be a ...Pedophile !?  I'm going back to that forest to check , hope I'm not <> .

The day after : 

I saw him...He haunted my dream last night as well , he is not a friendly , I repeat , Not a friendly! He just stands there , creeping me out it's scary . I doubt I'll see him again because I'm moving ! Next month . If I see him I'll have investigate the 'Mystery Man' . Now it'll be call MM

1 Week ago I found the sequel the note and a prequel (The sequel being aged 9 and prequel 7 )

Prequel : 

Dear self : I saw Dad ? After school ? He needs to work , and taken the blinding mask off! He's just gonna ruin his nice red tie . Pathetic , he can't scare me yet ... Yet... 

Sequel : 

Dear diary : More info on MM , 3 of my mates saw a 'faceless man' only one of them in reality , the rest in a dream... This is sick , that murder is after all these kids ... No one is safe ...

And finnaly this : Aged 9 or 10 

Guess what , the school was burn't to ground ! MM is really starting to get to me , he is very thin , so thin , his body ... Perhaps he's not human ? The Thin Man . From now on , he shall be called ! TM , I'm totally on to you .

That's all the notes so far . I've only checked 2 diaries out of 9 , I will you updated.

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