Okay everyone listen up recently something very interesting happened. My brother has been acting really weird and in weird I mean scared out of his mind, he can't sleep, he can't eat, he even refuses to get outside the house. One night I found him staring at the tv and it was all static, his eyes were blood red, and he kept muttering something incoherent.

I tried to snap him out but he won't then I heard him say Tall Man, tall man , tall man, it scared the hell out of me. The next morning I find him look out the window, with a GUN in his hand. He's currently in a hospital, and he says the same thing Tall Man, this not a joke people this is VERY serious.

He got out four days later, and that night I heard screaming and when I went up to his room I found him by the corner in a fetal position and pointing at the window. I looked out the window and I could've sworn there was something by the trees, it was very dark but it look like a man a REALLY tall man.

Police are currently in the look out for him.

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