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This is Hell

I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore. I don't who I am anymore...I feel so....I can't explain it really.

I was thinking I should kill myself...but I have no idea why tha thought crossed my mind. But something is telling me I should do it...but whay about my friends what will they think? Heh they most probably will try to stop me...but I I think they could care less.

I've bonded with many people here...some not so much

Nes and and stella are like sisters to me...Sam is a brother more then a friend and so is Rogue.

Crow, 13, Dark, Ray, Waffle, Kiba, Vass  and Fob are really good friends

Jared may a be a pain in the a** sometimes but he means well and is still a good friend

Dawn is more of a mother then a friend

Cipher I'm not sure about and blank....yeah I don't know either.

Mc...I will love her till the end of time

if I say something like this chat people won't really care.

I really don't know what to do

I'm suffering over and over that mind is deteriorating from the madness...

I might even turn against the people I care about and love

So should I kill myself? Dissappear?

I feel as though I'm being neglected here.....

Ignored...being tossed aside like garbage


What the F***K do I do?!?!


Guess no one will help me

Why would they?

To them I'm just a freak

And they don't help freaks or monsters

I'm going completly mind can't take it anymore....I should kill myself to stop all this suffering that's happening....

I don't think anyone can help me this time....

I hate all this....I hate being seen like this...

I hate being looked at like some piece of s***t!!!

If I wasn't here tommorow...would anybody care? Would anyone lose sleep? I've got nothing and I'm going nowhere...I'm lost and alone...

I know I'm a mess....a complete and total mess...I want to be someone...someone great...

All the chance passed me by....but would it matter if I gave it another shot? Would it matter at all?

I doubt anyone would miss me....



......bye forever.....

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