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The Names of The Unknowns

Madd: TheMad

Anex: TheTrident

Smoke: The Black Knight

Daemon: TheOptimist

Tera: ThePeaceful

Tinka: TheGreedy

Cr0w: TheTrickster

Craig: TheVanisher

HI: TheConsumer

The Code: TheMatrix

Gyro: TheGear

Dawn: TheHappy

Nesair: TheKind

MC: TheConfuser

Sheree: TheInnocent

Fob: TheAlpha

Seer: TheSigma

Ray: TheBroken

Art: TheAntagonist

Saff: TheHidden

Kiba: TheObstacle

Jared: TheScribe

Neo: TheInformer

Vass: TheHistorian

Jack: TheRude

Sam: TheLibrarian

Rogue: TheSilent

Cipher: TheOmega

Prisoner: TheImprisoned

Yuuki: TheChild

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