....I've tried

I've tried and tried and tried

but nothing is working....nothing EVER works for me

My father is hospitalised and I'm worried sick about him

My brother got into a car accident and won't be able to walk for a long time


My gone....

I can't take it anymore

I did my best...I gave it everything I got...with all my power, blood, sweat and tears's not enough

what happens when the best you can do just.....isn't enough?

I really don't know what to do

I guess it's's REALLY over for me

I'm so tired I can barely think and move

If any of my friends on this wiki read this blog

I just want to say that....

It's been great hanging out with you guys

You are all great friends...

and you are all like family

I want some help.....I really really do.... mind is gone now 

there is something wrong with me.....

But I'm dying to know what it is

All this stress....all this preasure is tearing me apart

I feel as though...

I'm not needed

I offer my help to those who need it...

but now....

they just push me aside


If I don't come on this wiki and chat for a very long time

you will probably know that I am in the hospital....or dead

I don't if I'm gonna die from all this...

but if this is truly it for me....

then this is my last blog

and my last goodbye.

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