Nicholas, Nick, Composer...those are the names that I've come to know you as. And I'm all too aware that you won't see this blog post, and honestly I'm not even sure if a blog post is a way to send my deepest condolences. But...if it is ever possible that you are watching this from within the Elysium Fields, the halls of Valhalla, or the Garden of Heaven...I don't know just anywhere that is paradise, I want you to know that I am incredibly and deeply sorry for any wrongdoings I've committed against you.

For quite a long time now, I've acted childish in your presence. And this was mainly due to mental reasons which have been resolved a long time ago. And when things concerning your life here and outside became in disarray, I was still willing to help you. And you asked me several times why? Because I never saw you as or considered you an enemy. You were a friend of mine. Sure, you got on my nerves from time to time, but don't we all get on each other's nerves? Yeah. Despite all that, you were still a friend to me. And I never held any spite towards you or any form of hatred.

As obvious as it was, you were dealing with enough sh*t in your life. And believe me, I tried to help you. I really did. And I'm sorry if it never worked for you. But me helping and actually putting in effort hopefully made you realize that in the end I'm still your friend and that I still care. Honestly, I have no idea how you considered me not just a friend, but one close that I could be your brother-in-arms.

Nick, my deepest condolences to your family. And you will surely and dearly be missed. My all the divine gods in the heavens welcome you with open arms and finally give you the peace and rest you deserve. Farewell, my friend.

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