Hello everyone my name is DaemonTheDemon there are users here who know and those who don't. I'm a very nice and caring guy but when someone pisses me off or hurts my friends I become a monster. You can call me Dae or Daemon which ever is easier I don't care.

For the users who know me I just want you to know that I'm not going to be on this wiki for a while....and for a while I mean for a very very long time....maybe forever.

I believe I did things that violated the TOS i don't what they are but a CERTAIN SOMEONE told me that I'm making stupid edits just go on top of the leaderboards.....BULL....SHIT. I'm not doing this to be a fucking admin...I'm noth doing this to be number 1 or 2 or fucking ZERO...i'm not competing i hate competitions.

I would never violate the TOS i follow the rules of a wiki all the time....but for the first time..i did...i think. And so that's why I am leaving....if an Admin reads this blog be sure to ban me from this wiki...if not then I will delete my profile. As for the certain some one I's a hint...he has an X in you could all thank him for getting an a**hole like me off this wiki.

I just wanted to the users that know me...thank you....thank you all so've been great friends to me and I wish we could see each other face to face...but long distances suck.

You guys are more then are a family to thank you again. I'm not sure how long I will be gone...but don't worry....I sure hope I will be back soon.

Goodbye guys...I love you all.

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