Hmm. Well, one of the most requested Death Battles has just been announced on ScrewAttack. And that battle is none other than Bowser vs Ganondorf. I'm excited yet nervous at the same time. Mainly because of the fact that they are both one of Nintendo's most recognizable and recurring villains in their respectable franchises. They both steal the princess. They both want to rule a world and beyond. They both are ridiculously powerful. They both keep coming back no matter how severe the consequence of their loss is. I love Bowser and Ganondorf. Bowser more so than the latter, but that would be just bias...

Not to mention that whoever loses will result in ScrewAttack receiving an intense amount of rage from the fans. In my opinion, that outcome will occur if Bowser would be the one that loses.

Damn. I'm gonna have to think on this a lot. *sits crossed legged and puts on a Thinking Man pose*

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