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Not worthy to hear the whispers
  • My occupation is building a stack of cards
  • I am .. I don't even know anymore..
  • Dabomb217

    After careful consideration I've decided that I am leaving this wiki... and all wikis, indefinitely. I know that I am not welcomed here kindly, and I am partially responsible for this. But I know now that the welcome mat has been worn out. Sometime this December I will cease coming here, for an undefined amount of time, right after I say goodbye to a few people who have given me so much.

    If I do not return, I want to say it's been an honor sharing the last 2 years with you all. When it all began, I really did have the time of my life with all of you here in RP. Sometimes I wish there had been a way to freeze that feeling, that brief moment in time, and keep it the way it was forever. But we all know nothing lasts from yesterday except memor…

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  • Dabomb217

    Mark of Shame

    November 20, 2014 by Dabomb217

    I'm sorry,.

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  • Dabomb217

    I'm tired of the facadé... I'm no proxy and never will be. I'm a guy who's made mistakes and lost the best girlfriend anybody could ever want. I'm full of regret and sadness.

    I'm done trying to be king. Somebody else take the throne, because I'm done putting on a show. I can't live without this girl... I've never felt so lost. I'm losing the will to live, and I need some kind of light... I need a place to go.

    I don't need to be living the life of a fictional charachter. I need to find a way to get my sweetheart back. Because I'm dying slowly, and I need her by my side.

    I've never felt so alone...

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  • Dabomb217

    THe c0mPⓍsEr iS aWaKenIng... bE rEaDy fOr tHe rEtuRn oF a kIng..

    A kInG tHaT iS not PleAsEd...

    A kInG wHo's bAnIshMeNt iS DraWiNg tO a CloSe...

    A kInG wHo tOoK tHe dIsqUiSe oF a MoRtaL wHen uNdEr ThrEaT.


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  • Dabomb217

    Tribe Twelve; Silence?

    January 22, 2013 by Dabomb217

    Ok, so Noah hasn't touched his twitter or youtube account for about a month now. I'm starting to get worried that slendy and the Observer might have got him, because he usually is active on the social sites and all. The live stream incident was uploaded and he's been silent ever since. I hope he's still alive...

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