Ⓧ I got something from...them today

It was a package about 15cm in diameter and 6cm in height.

It had a big Ⓧ on the side so I knew instantly it was them

What it contained however was strange.

the first object was painkillers,probably mocking me because of the fact ive been coughing up blood for the last few months.

another object was a knife,it is curved at the tip and has a strange mark on looks...familier...ive seen it somewhere before,ill probably upload a photo of it sometime soon.

The next was a picture....

it was of me looking at the same picture

what...the fuck!

I searched my house from top to bottom trying to find anyone or anything.

its not possible that they could take that...

its not!

it cant be...

but that dosent change the fact Im staring at the same picture right now...its definatly a photo but and white...and distorted....

Ⓧ advice or help would be much appreciated

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