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first encounter

Ⓧ okay here we go

let me get one thing,last night at about 12 or 1am i blacked out again however this time i was speaking with user's on this site.

I cant remember much but,I saw him once more,for sure this time,he was in my house and staring at me before I blacked out once more.

Then theres what happened during my blackout.

I understand that this person who entered my house with him spoke with around three people,he spoke in german but also spoke in english when asked to.

This bastard also blogged in german.

I have no idea who this guy is but what he was saying disturbs me deeply.

i wondered why i was being stalked...

now i know

they want me

im unsure why

but i wont let them win

i may be afraid but im pissed aswell so...

Ⓧbringen es auf slendermanⓍ

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