Ⓧ I spoke with my stalker today

it took place on my windows live messenger account which i dont often check but today I woke up with a note next to my computer giving me an email address


So I emailed this strange adress and waited for a reply,the conversation went like this:

-thedead has logged in-

thedead: Iwonderedwhenyouwouldshowup

I immediatly regonised the unspaced letters from the previous messages afew members got from a supposed proxy who was using my computer

kiba: is this toten?

thedead: theoneandonly

kiba: im going to fucking kill you

the dead: likeyoutriedtobefore?pleasecursordontmakemelaugh

kiba: fuck you!

thedead: nothankshehehehe

kiba:are you a proxy?

thedead: whatahorridnicknameforusbutyesiam

kiba: tell your master to stop

thedead: neverwillwestopyouwillsubcummbeventuallyevenifitmeansthedeathofeveryonearoundyou

kiba: you dare

thedead: withnooneleftyouwillbehelplessyouwillberipe

kiba: shut up!

thedead: poorgirlsolonleysotroubledwewillgiveyouthingsyoualwayswanted

kiba: what?

thedead: companyprotectionloveafamily

kiba: ...

thedead: howdidyoulikeourmastersartwork?

-kiba has logged out-

I couldnt take it,what that...thing did to me last night,even though I couldnt remember it was horrifying,I still feel the fear and pain.

How do they know so much about me?

its scary to think they know me so well

but i wont listen to what they know

what they offer

if i do im going to fall to join thier ranks

but....I find myself longing

what that bastard said was true...

I do wish for those things

but dosent every human?

Im not giving up

no matter how many times they carve thier mark into me

Im not going to give in

not until I die

and ill never be alone

after all

they cant kill all of you guys...

Ⓧ can they?

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