Ⓧ I discovered that someone had been on my blog again

this has happened before however this...was slightly different

I decided to translate the blog "haben sie vermisst uns? es ist schon eine weile" which translates to "have you missed us? its been a while"

Now ive noticed the use of us and we in this blog,but Ill get to that later.

Now for the full translation

"Let us remind you

the White Queen

tell us ... how has life been?

It was cruel?

how sad ...

hm? what is it?

You want to know who we are?

We think, you know, you're just too scared to admit it

the black king is laughing at your fear ... so delicious

give up now cursor

We would hate to make you suffer more

We have been around a long time, you are an ant in comparison to us

You should be happy that we even think about letting you join us

We are all and we are everywhere there is no escape

oh and another thing ...

tell your little friends on this site to watch their back's because we have a watchful eye on them as well ...

their help will only worsen your pain

think about this cursor ...

then maybe you'll begin to think like us, your first step towards us

Come Closer CURSOR"

And thats it

Ive underlined everything which I found...paticularly disturbing

the first things I underlined were the use of the words "us" and "we"

There is more than one of them,I already knew this but latley its been hinted that...more than three are watching me.

the second thing is what they call me,normally its cursor but this time its "white queen"

I noted that "white queen" is a chess piece along with "black king" and due to their sadistic nature,I wouldnt be suprised that they think of this as a game of chess.

Also im pretty sure he is who they call "the black king" however,here's the interesting part

black and white are usually seen as opposing forces

the idea of shadow verses light coming into play

I as the queen of light,fighting against the king of shadow for control.

The last thing is "tell your little freinds on this site to watch thier backs because we have a watchfull eye on them aswell"

This disturbs me greatly

they are not only focusing on me

but the people who I seek help from

Also it strongly hints that theres ALOT of them.

I dont think they're bluffing so...

to all of you

keep an eye out

NEVER ignore a coincidence or a small noise

it could be them.

Anyway thats all I got for now

If anyone spots something I have missed and they want to bring it to my attention please message me

or comment below

Im getting deeper into this mess

I need all the help I can get

Ⓧ much love,cursor Ⓧ 15:58, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

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