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A note about Profile Pictures

Ive nⓍticed im getting requests latley FⓍr peⓍples prⓍfile pictures.

I just want tⓍ nⓍte that if yⓍu want me tⓍ draw sⓍmething fⓍr yⓍu tell me Ⓧn my message wall.

Here's sⓍme rules tⓍ fⓍllⓍw:

1.I want a descriptiⓍn Ⓧn what yⓍu want it tⓍ lⓍk like.

2.I will pⓍst it Ⓧn yⓍur message wall myself when it's dⓍne.

3.DⓍn't rush me.These things take time and I dⓍ have schⓍl wⓍrk tⓍ take care Ⓧf aswell as my duty as a prⓍxy.

thank you.


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