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ShⓍuld I be hⓍnered? 

Eh I guess I am.

But the Ⓧnly cⓍnfusing thing nⓍw is which side im truly Ⓧn.

I...feel sⓍme fⓍrm Ⓧf lⓍyalty tⓍ the tall beast...

When he's mad at me I dⓍn't feel scared Ⓧr angry...

I feel a kicked puppy...

Ⓧn the bright side I dⓍ have sⓍme company tⓍ come back tⓍ after schⓍl and numerⓍus JⓍbs.

As much as I hate tⓍ get attached tⓍ another human him being arⓍund is wⓍnderful.

My gratidude t him is endless.

Anyway I alsⓍ have a new (slash ld freind...ehr its cⓍmplicted)  knwn as The CⓍmposer.He's a brilliant King as I am the Queen f THEMACHINE.

I won't explain what that is as in his words "ALL WILL BE REVEALED. SOON"

SⓍ far as a prⓍxy Ive Ⓧnly had twⓍ jⓍbs...

Ⓧne I executed and cⓍmpleted quickly.

The Ⓧther...didn't gⓍ as planned.

Yet...I recieved a prize...

Blankqueen mask

i received this mask and was ordered to put it on...then to take a BlankQueen's mask...

...Is master tⓍying with me again?

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