WHY is it that the human race should be considered the least vulnerable to a painful, terrorizing death? Thousands upon thousands of other species on Earth are hunted down as this is written. But I believe that the most gruesome aspect of human life is the fact that they don't know when or how they could possibly have a dark, brutal demise. There are billions of them living in this dimension.

DON'T you believe that there's a chance that I could just find you and make you filled with terror until it overflows within your conscience and it just cannot handle it and you simply fall to death? Murder doesn't have to always be inflicted with a knife or firearm, it can be within the mind.

YOU are probably aware of fear. For example, when you were young you probably kept your head under the covers in bed, and then when your head emerged from bed and you weren't facing the entrance of your bedroom, you experienced fear. Fear in that nature can be used like a knife.

LOOK at one of those horror passages told from the point of view of the one experiencing fear. You're put in their shoes. That's why you're the one who can't get a good night's rest after reading as opposed to the writer. The writer inflicted fear on you as if it's a blade.

BEHIND that blade is a person. Just your average internet addict who has fun scaring people via the worldwide web. So in that sense, why should you be scared? Because it doesn't matter what the person inflicting fear is, it matters how dark and horrific and deep that stab wound of fear is.

YOU probably get the idea at this point.

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