Well i guess i should start my story about 10 years back as a kid growing up in the back woods of Missouri, i lived in a small house but there was this one room(i was terified of this room for some reason) that faced the woods that was used for storage for a while, but when my brother was born we needed more room so we converted this room into my room(i know yay). Everynight i was in this room i would hear things outside the house and see things out in the woods moving around in the woods. I had alot of sleep walking "Episodes" after moving into the room, just small things at first, like walking out into the living room not knowing what i was doing there, my parents would always snap me out of it and i'd be left confused, but one night something still to this day i cannot explain i had another "Episode" but this was different: i got outside somehow when all the doors and windows were locked and my parents were light sleepers so they would have heard me getting out, they found me outside trying to get back inside... I dont know what I was doing out there or why I was out there. My parents later told me that when they were trying to wake me up that i said "I need to find him." Now years later when I try to go back an remember things from those years i come up blank and with the most horific feeling of fear i have ever felt, I haven't felt anything like this fear until I started looking up "Him" and reading peoples reports of seeing "Him." This feeling is how i know he is real. I must have seen him or he tried to capture me and i got away and the only reason he hasn't come around since is cause my mind couldn't handle the fear at that age so it blanked it out... 

This is my story and my life. I thought i was a good ways into my life but this is only the first chapter.. i hope it doesn't go any further then this but i have read to much to let this hope have room to breathe.

Now back to the presant: I now live in Ohio with my Girlfriend in the middle of the woods. My Girlfriend thinks i'm losing my mind and getting paranoid over some Urban Legand. I wish she could feel the same fear i feel about this, but its not like i'm feeling watched or that i'm looking over my shoulder for him, i'm just scared horribly. Everynight i see shadows moving past the windows and dogs barking randomly thru the night(I know its insignificant but to me its huge). My biggest fear isn't that he'll take me, in a way i've excepted this fact, its that I'll bring him into the lives of the people around me, the people i love.. I need to protect them, that priority number one!

Til next time fellow fearful

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