It seems to me that throughout *modern* Slender Man sightings, this entity prefers not so much a physical attack but a wife and I have been fighting a lot more this past week, something I wouldnt normally tell the internet, but now I'm realizing that it may be a side effect of this "Slender Sickness". I've been coughing a lot lately, and I found a little blood in my cough today. I remember lots of coughing in Marble Hornets, but does anyone know if coughing is an actual side-effect of two close-encounters with Slender Man? That's two close encounters and probably three or four distant encounters...either way, I'm becoming really edgy lately. Everything everyone says pisses me off, and for no reason. I'm starting to fight more and more with my wife, every day is worse, and it's worrying me. Could Slender be tearing my relationship apart, or is it just me? I hate this...if The Operator is going to kill me, he needs to do it fast. I'm sick of this mental torture...

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