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Ch3stor January 12, 2013 User blog:Ch3stor

Ok...... Hai. So I have a few theories about the Blankqueen X Kiba connection...... I want into the Photo galleries and found the picture for Craig on ToSlenderReturn page. I was like this: CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIG or somthing. Now the picture file on Blankqueen profile is like this: SCREEEEAAAAAAAAAAM and the Person in it looks VERY alike to the original Kiba profile Pic. Following that in my pursuit to clear this thing up.... I tracked BQ's ip when it was not signed it. I went to Darlington in the Uk and the contributes were also of Kiba's when she was not signed it.

So I'm thinking this:

During the time of K's Blackout at sometime she did the Blankqueen stuff and then blacked out and forgot them.

If anyone wants a copy/link to the chat pages then I will give em to you via YouTube or somthing allowed here. Or put it into a video.

Apparently Vile has a account now.

And he has hijacked my YT.

So i might take drastic attempts to kill,Eliminate or shut up forever him.


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