This might to ch3, Or someone else.

Will i tell you? NO

A blog post was forgoten to be put here by ch3. I shall recount it.

No i shall not.

I shall post a picture of the most important thing he found during the Investigation.

The investigation was mentioned on twitter.

It was simple: Investigate Ethan Hamilton's house....Right?

Ethan: The guy who wrote the Book Vile used.

Ch3 found somthing.

A single 2 pages of the book.

Ripped out with Someone's bare hands.

It contained things i cannot tell.

But one thing on it i can tell.


Vile's YT had a video with the title [BEGINFINALACT]

That comment is being spred onto numerous Pages right now.

I cannot reveal myself here.

CH3 Knows me.



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