Here are some rules to follow when playing Slender:

  1. Know where each location is and follow a route with no turnbacks (I would suggest looking at the map of the forrest, which can be found on this wiki)
  2. Don't bother looking back
    after collecting the first page as he ports to your rear or flank majority of the time. Granted, there will be times he will randomly spawn in front of you, either at a distance or right around a corner. I say, expect that unexpected event and act quickly to move out of his view (especially if he is a few feet in from of you) Ex: I was heading to the crossed brick walls and rounded one of the walls to see the page for a brief second before he appeared right next to it and did not move behind the closest wall fast enough.
  3. In the off chance he does telelport right into your view, either turn the other way (especially if its in close quarters) and make a break for it, or move behind something that obstructs his view and disable any light*.
  4. Going back to Rule 2, if you look behind or to the side and he's there, run. Don't constantly look back, as he comes closer everytime you do until he's right behind you or next to you, and then you pass out.
  5. If you hear scary music or suspense cliffs, remain as calm as possible and use your sprint option as the suspense cliffs build up stamina points to enable more effective sprints. This is helpful in those narrow escapes.
  6. Get the pages in the building(s) first, seeing as Slenderman is not very aggressive when you have a small amount of pages, and you are less likely to get trapped
    in the building(s) by getting pages hidden within them first.
  7. Don't overuse the sprint ability, such as just to get from point A to point B faster, use it only in cases of escape from Slenderman.
  8. Keep a mental note of the amount of pages you have collected and where you got them, because you need to stick to the suggested set path idea in order to come close to successfully beating the game.

Good luck, and get collecting!!!!!!

  • If you are playing with Daytime mode, I would reccommend using the first option, since Slenderman can see you during the day. However, moving behind something that obstructs his and your view could still be effective during this mode.

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