The Brain and its 3 major Lobes

The Brain may be affected by the UPB, In three very important areas that have very important functions allowing someone to be considerd human.

Brain-functions and parts

The Brain & what each Lobe is for.

UPB: SlenderMan, Operator, Tall Man (UPB means Unidentified Paranormal or Psychic being) UPB is used for not understanding one organims complete biology

What Each Lobe is For

Fronatl Lobe:

  • Movement
  • Intelligence
  • Reasoning
  • Behaviro
  • Memory
  • Personality

Temporal Lobe:

  • Speech
  • Behavior
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Emotion

Parieatial Lobe:

  • Intelligence
  • Reasoning
  • Telling Right from Left
  • Language
  • Sensation
  • Reading

Slender Sickness: The Slender Sickness or Symptoms when you come in content


  • Nose bleeds with fever like the common coldmild amnesia 

First Encounter:

  • Nose bleeds, exhaustion, nausea, strong cough, vomiting, amnesia, slight signs of radiation poisoning, aches and pains, slight trauma of the eyes (i.e. blood shot, vesial popping ect...), deja vu is commonly seen at this point.

More than five (5) sightings:

  • Coughing up blood, blood in vomit, many signs of radiation exposure, painful breathing, difficulty in swallowing, violent convulsions and major amnesia.

The SicknessThe

The Connections Bewteen The Slender Sickness and the Lobes 

If the UPB has some sort of abbility of affecting the brain causing amnesia and control over basic moter functions.The UPB has the major abbility of wiping away long periods of time, this is a fact we know of for sure.  it is possible this is how proxys or proxi are made.

The problem of this is that the symptoms are debilitating. If this abbility causes this, this could be the possible that these lobes are used in the mindcontrol or possession over ones body, and that these are the side effects on the chosen organism. 

But however we do not know how the chosen organims get such a high level of radiation, or in fact how the get the radiation in the first place. Some how this abbility adds in radiation and strain on the 3 lobes causing these symptoms.

What Makes People Targets for Proxies?

It must have something to deal with genetics and possible Natural Selection or Artificial Selection. These factors depend on Two major things 1. apdation 2. mutation. The UPB must have a reason for targeting people who normaly stay out of harms way and live a normal shelterd life.

Normal people who encounter the UPB usually die from brain truama. But those who have brains more suited to UPB survive much longer and possible for years. Artificial selection, meaning selected organisms breed for a specific trait or multiple traits suited to breeder.

Another note some of us could be like dogs in the nature of "mans best friend". Some of us could be breed for one purpose. This has happend before and its very much possible this could be happening back then and now.

Proxys? What are they? (Im making this in my opnion Don't hate on me)

If  a person under constant control manages to live for more than a month is suprissing (Well at least to me). If this theory is correct and that special someone able to survive being a puppet of The Observer/Slender-man/UPB(ECT.) is incredible. 

Stating that they have some sort of mutation allowing them to adapt or survive under the set commands they are mentally told to do. Like a computer our brain acts similarly, meaning you have to mess with a couple wires create a new codes for spefic things.

But under observation (sorry for using this) We have no idea how they survive (we can't just keep them in isolation and observation). What they are told to do would be more than any sane (average person) could withstand. Guessing that they have something important or something that keeps them in some sort of balance. Fire? Water? Train? who knows.  

The reason of keeping them in balance is maybe the reason the have some humanity (Could be a fun game or something trivial to this UPB.) Instead of a robot lets have a primitive animal. "If i have a toy that dosen't belong to me the owner will do everything in its power to get it back, meaning you have the power over the owner of this toy." Like Memories, family, friends, money, or life. 

(Im just putting this down, if your telling me Your a "Proxy" i'm not going to belive you. I think proxy's  as mentally damaged and will never be in positive human comunication, and Proxi, or Proxy will not live for very long unless One reproduces They won't come back to society with open arms unless to a mental hospital or under Extreme heavy medication.)

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