Proxy's What Are They?

The blog is about Proxy's some are diffrent from others, but all work for slenderman. Which makes them similar. Proxy is the term given by the DarkHarvest00 ARG to their Unknown Proxy. Proxies are people or entities who are under the influence or control of Slender Man.


Slender man uses Proxy's to do "Chores" the he himself cannot. He use's the proxy's to do the things he cannot such as writing/putting notes up, leading children into the forest, creating and manipulating objects, destroying and leaving evidence, creating videos for his victims or other people, ect (the stuff a slendy would need you to do).

Famous Proxys

 Q/A Questions and Answers!

What if i want to be a Proxy

-It depends on slenderman it is not your's or my choice what to dicide.

How can you Tell if your becoming Proxy (use these qeustions)

  1. Have you seen Slenderman (sometimes you dont need to[SOMETIMES]).
  2. Becoming used to Slenderman.
  3. Slender Sickness, Extreme Paranoia, later turning into comfort.
  4. Draw the operator symbol, and eventually i would do it without thinking and out of nowhere.
  5. And Feeling like you needed to be by him at all times, and not having the abbilty to stop yourself.

Well That is all Please leave a Comment If you i missed or made a mistake, i will add more!  

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