Me,User Bartol123,will post entries on this wiki page.

I need a safe place for my tapes,and I think this is the best spot.Althought,I can attract a lot of proxies,so I should think about the consiquenses.

The Slender Man was always interesting to me.I know a lot about Him,more than I should.First time I saw Him?Here it goes.

Me and my school went to a trip.Camping in the woods.Worst idea ever.Michael,my best friend,said to me:'Lets take a walk'.I said OK.We talked about Him.

We always were on guard.He was looking behind us,I looked forward.He said to me:Hey man look at this.

He showed me a notebook full of 'The Signs' and when we read it,well from that moment I cant remeber.

He shouted:'LEAVE.NOW.' I said are you OK man?

He shouted LEAVE.NOW again.I left him.On the way I saw a proxy with an axe.I was scared as hell and I hide behind some shack.I heard Michael still saying LEAVE.NOW,and guess what?

HE was there.Me and Him,looking face to face.His powers try to put me on the ground,but I resisted.When He left,I faited.

I woke up in 5 A.M next to a shack.I found a paper next to me and it wrote:MEET YOU'RE FRIEND IN THE SHACK and then 'The Sign' and then I look back and the exact spot where the sign was it said LEAVE.NOW.

I didn't wanted to check in the shack,but I did.I saw Michael's clothes,shoes and socks.In the pocket was his mobile phone.

I left the woods.The school was looking for me and Michael.I told them Michael is gone without an explanation.I never guessed I would leave my best friend in the woods,alone.I never saw him since.I keep his mobile phone with me,for memory.

In Michael's room there was a letter with the Sign.It said the following:

My friend,Adam,you cannot BE TRUSTED.I have joined his army and I enjoy it.Killing people,luring kids in the forest,I love it.But I sitll think about us and the shack.I see you took my phone,it's OK.But why didn't you toke the notebook?(I didnt know what was he talking about).Well my friend,it will be a long time when you and Me will meet,so be patient!


It was weird that the letter didn't had a adress or a post code.There was just a name and that's all.I got a call in the middle of the night by a strange number.1351989,the date of my birth.13th5th 1989,I answered and said Look out the window.

I saw Michael's briefcase holding by a proxy.The proxy left the briefcase somewhere in the woods and then it left.

That's all I remember.I have been thinking to record a video so you guys can see the mobile phone.The Briefcase and The Notebook,never found.I hope I will receive The Notebook and The Briefcase.For now,I'm sticking to the phone.

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