• Bartol123

    Weird Dreams

    February 7, 2014 by Bartol123

    I keep having these weird dreams about the Großmann.The first dream was me running in the darkness and on the far end,a glowing door.After that: A dream in my school.I was with my parents and I keep seeing Him and some weird people.The next dream was the darkness and the door again,but this time,I was closer to the door.

    After that: Just a dream.

    I was walking up to my apartment,then when I open the door,the Großmann was there.After that Me and Him were infront of my apartment door.He was just standing and watching me.After that,he took my camera and mees with it.Then after,he looked at the video camera(at my dream point of view)He leaned his head on his shoulder then video distortion.Seconds before I woke up there was a note saying: You wil…

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  • Bartol123

    My Story

    January 2, 2014 by Bartol123

    Me,User Bartol123,will post entries on this wiki page.

    I need a safe place for my tapes,and I think this is the best spot.Althought,I can attract a lot of proxies,so I should think about the consiquenses.

    The Slender Man was always interesting to me.I know a lot about Him,more than I should.First time I saw Him?Here it goes.

    Me and my school went to a trip.Camping in the woods.Worst idea ever.Michael,my best friend,said to me:'Lets take a walk'.I said OK.We talked about Him.

    We always were on guard.He was looking behind us,I looked forward.He said to me:Hey man look at this.

    He showed me a notebook full of 'The Signs' and when we read it,well from that moment I cant remeber.

    He shouted:'LEAVE.NOW.' I said are you OK man?

    He shouted LEAVE.NOW agai…

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