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An Old Friend

Unknown Figure(Possibly Trent)

Unknown masked figure

I believe this all happened on the 16th of Febuary in 2014.

I just got out of school at 2:15. When I got near the bike 

rack I realized I was forgetting to do something that I was

planning to do right when school ends. So I thought to 

myself and remembered that I was going to checkout

this house that one of my friends once lived in whose

name was Trent, before he went missing for over a year. No

one ever knew what happened to him except that he was with

me and some friends most of the time at a football game the

last time we saw him. So, as soon as I remembered I started

to walk across the street that led to a park near the school I go to. When I got near the playground I noticed that their was

something carved into a tree. So, as I walk towards the tree I start to see what it actually carved into it. The thing carved into

the tree appears to be an "encircled X". I then start to feel like i'm not alone so I start to run away from the tree. Right when I

get into Trent's neighborhood I spot his house. I then run toward his house and ring the door bell but no one answers. After that

I reach for the door knob and turn it. I then realize that it is open. So, I let my self in ,but one thing I did'nt understand was that it

was dead silent. As, i walk through the the living room I spot a paper with the same symbol that was carved into the tree. I start

to then feel a hand on my arm. So, I turn around very fast and and I see a masked figure wearing the same 49ers jacket that

Trent wore to the football game before going missing. I then start to run through the house as the figure chases me. I then go

into a room and lock the door. I then take out my phone and unlock the door. Right when I unlock the door the masked figure

pushes the door open and tackles me to the ground. I punch the figure in the stomach and push the figure off of me into the

wall. As the figure gets up I snap a picture of the figure and put my phone back in my pocket. Then I turn around and start to

run but I trip on something. As, I fall to the ground I start to see black. As soon as i wake up possibly from blacking out I look

around and see that i'm right by the tree that had the symbol carved into it. Also, I put my hand in my pocket and I see that my

phone is on and that their is a picture of the masked figure.

Thats pretty much all I remember that day. 

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