• Assassinofslender

    An Old Friend

    March 17, 2014 by Assassinofslender

    I believe this all happened on the 16th of Febuary in 2014.

    I just got out of school at 2:15. When I got near the bike 

    rack I realized I was forgetting to do something that I was

    planning to do right when school ends. So I thought to 

    myself and remembered that I was going to checkout

    this house that one of my friends once lived in whose

    name was Trent, before he went missing for over a year. No

    one ever knew what happened to him except that he was with

    me and some friends most of the time at a football game the

    last time we saw him. So, as soon as I remembered I started

    to walk across the street that led to a park near the school I go to. When I got near the playground I noticed that their was

    something carved into a tree. So, as I walk towards theā€¦

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