Angel the Ruthless

  • My occupation is Being a killer and stalker
  • I am Female
  • Angel the Ruthless

    They stole him away from me, they stole my heart and my soul mate. They killed him before my eyes without mercy, and now that is what I do to others. Why should regular people get to live when the one I loved was taken? The answer, is they shouldn't. I am a killer in the night fallen shade, I'll slice you with my sharpened blade. If you unleash my unspoken wrath, then I would run for you are not coming back. I hope you hide for I love this game, but after I find you, you shall never be the same. Once buried six feet under, slowly you'll begin to wonder. Why is this monster still alive?

    Look around do you see a shadow? If so then I am sure to travel. The shadows are my passage ways through hell and back all within a day. Do you get what I ha…

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