Just had an interesting conversation with 13 about a dream I had last night:

  • 12:30 Anex Seer Yo man, IamAB has just made a new blog. Looks bad for her.
  • 12:31 XIII-DEATH what i havent talked to her in months, i hopes she's ok
  • 12:33 Anex Seer She was talking about something stopping her coming here. She has all the classic signs, it seems any attempts to ward her off have failed.
  • 12:34 XIII-DEATH hmm
  • 12:34 Anex Seer Another thing. I don't know how I found it.
  • 12:35 XIII-DEATH nor do i
  • 12:36 Anex Seer The blog. I remember logging on as Anex, then being on her blog. She's not on the most popular blogs list or anything. I was just there. My memory must be lapsing again.
  • 12:39 XIII-DEATH hmm maybe
  • 12:40 Anex Seer Come to think of it I did have a pretty scarey slender dream last night, though playing slender just before bed probably didn't help there.
  • 12:40 XIII-DEATH i doubt it would i'm glad i'm actually able to have normal dreams from time to time now
  • 12:41 Anex Seer It was pretty frightening want me to go through it?
  • 12:42 XIII-DEATH sure it's bean a while since i did any dream analyzing
  • 12:43 Anex Seer Well for some reason I was in my bedroom at my other grandparents house, which is odd for a start as I haven't stayed there in years.
  • 12:43 XIII-DEATH hmm
  • 12:45 Anex Seer I think I was sitting on the bed, everything was semi dark, then the next thing I know (and this is a small room) that fucker is in the door way staring straight at me.
  • 12:45 XIII-DEATH well, as much as a faceless being can stair
  • 12:46 Anex Seer Oh I'm not talking the MH "oh look a guy in a suit" He was a frikin monster. Of course I'm terrifyed, like majorly scared so the next thing I know I'm on my back on the floor, and it's still there looking down at me.
  • 12:49 XIII-DEATH hmm
  • 12:50 Anex Seer Suddenly I'm thinking like a little kid again, I'm so terrified I start thinking like I'm six or something. I know my grandparents are down stairs so obviously I try to scream.
  • 12:51 XIII-DEATH ok
  • 12:52 Anex Seer But I can't, I mean my throat just drys up and I'm like whispering and gagging "help me, help me", come to think of it... My voice sounded kinda like I was six as well.
  • 12:55 XIII-DEATH hmm
  • 12:56 Anex Seer Next thing I know I'm on the upstairs landing, the lights are on but I know what will happen if I go back to my room, I know it will still be there in the darkness. So I go downstairs and go cuddle up with my nan in the living room. Then the dream skips forward and I'm on the upstairs landing again. I'm headed back to my room but when I look behind me he's there. Then the dream ends. Which reminded me of something else.
  • 1:00 XIII-DEATH what?
  • 1:01 Anex Seer When I was young I was afraid of the dark, like really scared, I needed a night light until like 11 years old.
  • 1:01 XIII-DEATH hmm
  • 1:02 Anex Seer I'm beginning to wonder if that was a memory, because also everything seemed bigger than I last remembered seeing it.
  • brb got to have dinner.
  • 1:02 XIII-DEATH first thing that comes to mind is PTSD it's only a theory but a lot of soldiers with PTSD have dreams about their most shocking moments during a war
  • 1:24 Anex Seer Well most importantly do you think it was a memory or just a slender dream? Cause I sure as hell don't remember that, but there's some clues that it may have been real.
  • 1:25 XIII-DEATH it might be a repressed memory
  • 1:25 Anex Seer Or even a slendy deleted memory.
  • 1:25 XIII-DEATH hmm, maybe
  • 1:26 Anex Seer Well it will be easy enough to verify.
  • 1:26 XIII-DEATH yeah but why would you care, i thought you didn't believe in this 'shit'
  • 1:29 Anex Seer True, but I believe I went crazy due to a combination of factors, this waking nightmere may have been one. I'm meeting my grandmother on Thursday so I'll try to get some info out of her then.

I need to follow this up, I want to know if Slendy was after me, at least at one point.

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