Hey all, I was going through my computer (well not actually my computer, its my grandmas) and I found a couple of conversations under my old account, thougth I may as well put them up as thats pretty much all I've done on this blog:

Died 12 9 12 This is all just one big mess, an insane horrible insane mess we find ourselves in. Brought about by fake ARG's and the powers of our minds over reality.

IamABeliever. yeah, why cant all the documentation be truth, real expereiences.

Died 12 9 12 Did you know that none of this was real until we believed in it did you know that before our minds acsepted this reality this wasn't our reality. If it was all true this would never had begun. I don't know whether this sounds like philosophical nonsense to you but talking to people helps me makes sense of it.

IamABeliever. Yeah I know. And i understand, it makes sense talking always helps

Died 12 9 12 The more popular this becomes the more people this reaches the more seers there are, foolish ammeter actors making themselves famous is spreading this nightmare. It's a process I'm involved in but I am no actor.

IamABeliever. Nah, like sure the ARG's are cool and all, but its a dissapointment to have actors and fake storylines and its true, more and more are being drawn in. at some point something is going to go very very wrong

Died 12 9 12 Something is already wrong, how long before I murder my friends before my series gets out there. I know whats going to happen, I can't stop. He's making me do this, spread the fear imagine it a slender series backed up by the news of death. It may be me it may not but it will happen.

IamABeliever. hmmmmmm things are spiriling alright. is there anything you know you can do to hold on a bit longer keep fighting when you can.

Died 12 9 12 Believer, I am a proxy bent to his will. He is in my mind influencing, every action every word. This conversation, in part was with him as we become one being all that is left of me is in those I love otherwise I am his creature his vessel one being, he wants me to break those ties, I cannot. I will not. My life is over my options are running out. I want to ask for your help though there is none you can give me. Why do you want this?

IamABeliever. hmmmmmmm what if he starts making you hurt your family, would you break those family ties? or would you stay attached no matter what? I honestly do not know, im scared that i feel that way, and know i shouldnt, and it only brings bad news, really bad news, but i cant help it ive tried stepping away, not researching, but for me thats getting to hard. The friend that knows thinks im losing it.

Died 12 9 12 I am already close to hurting my family though not phisically. Thats what he want's them dead or gone from my mind so I have no ties but to him, it sickens me. If you cannot turn away that is him. From the moment you learn of him he is there they told you that from the start. He know's you now.

IamABeliever. And i truly wish i could help more i really do, you need all the help we can give yes, i have seen that said

Died 12 9 12 I am close to beyond help. Think of yourself now, you are already drawn towards the circleX you would do best to put your fate in the hands of others, your mind can no longer be trusted. Tell your family, make them stop you. That would be the hardest thing to do therefore it is the right thing to do.

IamABeliever. how can i think of myself when others are much worse. there is nothing wrong with me atm. and nothing extrodinary ever happens to me so i do believe for the most part i will be ok. and if you believe you are that close, at least we know what is happening, the truth of it.

Died 12 9 12 I have wanted the truth since the beginning, he has given it to me but I am trapped nethertheless. It tortures me maybe if I was ignorant I would believe in a way out and I wouldn't feeel so empty.

IamABeliever. there must be a way out, surely. But he has probably hidden it from seers. As he has taken over your mind. there is a way out of everything or mabie the way out is death

Died 12 9 12 The way out is simple and obvious stop thinking about it stop believeing in it but I am not allowed to do that as emotions and thought that are not my own flood my body. Anger. Arrogance. Happyness. The sence of victory. Death is an option but not one I will take, not yet.

IamABeliever. death is a last resort. Once he has you he truly holds you doesnt he. really makes sure you can never hide, never forget does your family know?

Died 12 9 12 Resistance and death or complience and undeath. He offered me that choice once I chose the worst option in fear of him. Some, they know some, only that I believe in him.

IamABeliever. in order to protect them? and which is the worst option, truly do you think?

Died 12 9 12 Complience and undeath is worse imagine a life in servise to goals that are not your own. Doing and saying that which you know to be wrong?

IamABeliever. yes well i partly know how doing and saying things that you know are wrong is like

Died 12 9 12 Resistance and death to be relased beond harm and save countless lives those you love and others.

IamABeliever. but humans are about life preservation

Died 12 9 12 You do?

IamABeliever. for me that would be the hardest thing to do, chose death. but then again i am not in your position.

Died 12 9 12 No that is only instinct animals preserve there lives humans enjoy them.

IamABeliever. yet humans are animals too and yes, partly

Died 12 9 12 I didn't chose death, I chose undeath. If I chose death, I would be gone.

IamABeliever. i know, and that is the nature of humas on the large. we chose life.

Died 12 9 12 I didn't chose life, to be alive is to live, what I am becoming is not living it's existing, like a ghost, that's why I said undeath.

IamABeliever. but to me undeath is still some sort of life, you are living and breathing. it may not be a full and free life in fact i have been told the worst life

Died 12 9 12 But eventually I will be gone! Their will be nothing left of me but my body filled with him.

IamABeliever. when he takes everything you have that is death well like death for now you still have part of you, and that is still a sort of life

Died 12 9 12 True I am not dead only dying, the process isn't instant, slowly we are moulding into one, not two beings in one body but one being a mixture of the two not actually him, but not me ethier, a new life, in my body. Do you understand?

IamABeliever. yeah i get it hmmmmm HAHAHAHAHA like playdough when you mix two colours idk, first thing i thought of

Died 12 9 12 That's kind of what came into my mind.

IamABeliever. hahaha

Died 12 9 12 When I don't think about it I become unconscious of it, but when I think I notice things in my behaviour that are not me, never mind the disturbing thoughts I get.

IamABeliever. once he truly had all hold of you, will he ever let go? or just toss your body aside when it is too wrecked to use any more? trueeee

Died 12 9 12 Once this new being is created it will not stop with or without his help it will seek to do his work spreading fear, pain collecting for the circleX eventually my body will die. Only then will it be over.

IamABeliever. hmmmmm ok

Died 12 9 12 Arrrhhh, I was supposed to be relaxing, letting this go for a few weeks now look at me. I'm tense and angry and depressed and empty and...

IamABeliever. there are heaps of theories as to what the (x) symbol does, do you know?

Died 12 9 12 I think I know what it is.

IamABeliever. ok what do you think

Died 12 9 12 It's well I think it is the symbol for all of us, under the operator, except there is no operator O the circle each of us every form every myth every proxy X conected, a hivemind.

IamABeliever. ahhhhh

Died 12 9 12 The CircleX the hivemind the operators symbol.

IamABeliever. so with that theory (a fantastic one) what would drawing it over and over entail?

Died 12 9 12 Declaring you are part of the CircleX like pledgeing to a flag.

IamABeliever. ok so bad news ahahaha

Died 12 9 12 Saying I am a part of him one of the one being.

IamABeliever. yep.

Died 12 9 12 Not connected telepathically,

IamABeliever. u calling me a wuss, really, me sorry wrong thing hahahahaha

Died 12 9 12 But all forming the being, all a part, Slenderman what we see, our minds his mind his vessels his ver existance dependant on those who know.

IamABeliever. so hyperthetically if someone started to draw them everywhere, but was not a proxy or a seer, what would that mean? nothing?

Died 12 9 12 From the moment you find out you become part of the circleX whether you like it or not you help keep him alive, you simply declare that by drawing it.

IamABeliever. ok that makes sense

Died 12 9 12 Not admitting defeat just, that you are a part of it. It wont phicically draw him in he already is a part of you.


XIII-DEATH: hm do you think this may have some connection to slender man

Died 12 9 12: Yes I have a theory, that Slenderman is an individual being for each of us created by our minds, the Tupla Effect and can influence us that would explain why mine can influence the world too, because I can. Mind over matter, mind creating all.

XIII-DEATH: it has bean stated that everything we imagine exists for a split second so if you tought of an omnipotent being like slenderman he would be able to exist longer because of reality bending properties

Died 12 9 12: No, I believe everything we believe exists, until we don't believe it exists.


Died 12 9 12: At least for us anyway.

XIII-DEATH: that makes sence im glad every one is calm this mourning

Died 12 9 12: It explains everything I can think of about Slenderman, all of them.  XIII-DEATH: hm

Died 12 9 12: He follows rules because we believe he must, he influences minds because we believe he can. He behaves and looks as we believe he does. And the same goes for them all.

XIII-DEATH: hm that makes sence usually runners don't think to logically but your pretty good

Died 12 9 12: Sorry for going on but I may have made a breakthrough, and he has never made me run not yet not ever, I have him stuck for now anyway, until he figures me out.

XIII-DEATH: jhm hm so what dose this mean

Died 12 9 12: Well it explains everything, I think, it also provides a stratagey.

XIII-DEATH: glad i could help

Died 12 9 12: It proves that he is subject to us not the other way round, you can't fear what is technically subject to you. Slenderman can be beaten by mastery of your own mind, that I believe I have almost achieved. There are stupid little rules people make up "wear a mask so he thinks your always watching," "carry around operator symbols" all of which work because we believe they will. Most of all you can beat Slenderman by believing you've beaten him.

I totally forgot those existed, I find the one with iamabeliever odd considering that thing with her blog I mentioned awhile back. I don't know why I never posted these ethier or why I can't really remember them, there were a few other things on there as well, like document of insanity stuff.

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