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    Whats up wiki

    August 18, 2013 by Anex Seer

    Bin awhile guys. Just been thinking over some shit that makes my head ache, theories and stuff dunno if I'll bother writing it down until Ive got my head around it. And even then.. Maybe if asked. So I dont suppose anyones noticed but, everythings gone. Died. My channel. All gone. And Its not coming back. I guess tonights just one of those nights I guess I want to talk but chats kinda empty so I'm just here. Again.

    I just feel lost. Because, well my lifes coming back. I've gotten occupied. Thinking right. I'm making a slender series actually. A real one, not like before. with actors and editing... But tonight Im just thinking about what Ive left behind. The way my life was what Id become was as much apart of me as anything and its just gone…

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    Hey all, I was going through my computer (well not actually my computer, its my grandmas) and I found a couple of conversations under my old account, thougth I may as well put them up as thats pretty much all I've done on this blog:

    Died 12 9 12 This is all just one big mess, an insane horrible insane mess we find ourselves in. Brought about by fake ARG's and the powers of our minds over reality.

    IamABeliever. yeah, why cant all the documentation be truth, real expereiences.

    Died 12 9 12 Did you know that none of this was real until we believed in it did you know that before our minds acsepted this reality this wasn't our reality. If it was all true this would never had begun. I don't know whether this sounds like philosophical nonsense to yo…

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    More Conversing

    April 19, 2013 by Anex Seer

    On the nature of Slender Man:

    • Welcome to the The Slender Man Wiki chat
    • 5:22Anex SeerI was trying to look into the different types of proxy as there seem to be such a wide range over the args.
    • Lunathebrave has left the chat.
    • Lunathebrave has joined the chat.
    • 5:23DaemonTheDemonLike what if Slender Man wasn't malevolent to begin with? What if he at first a benevolent being but some form of event occured caused him to become evil.
    • 5:23Mailjesuru2Each ARG uses a diferent hiarchy system
    • 5:23SaffronShadowFlameI believe that Slenderman isn't evil nor good. He just exists.
    • Lunathebrave has left the chat.
    • 5:24Mailjesuru2I belive he is beyond the concept of "good and evil" and more towards "chaos and order"
    • 5:24Anex SeerI'd probably need a definition of evil t…
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    Growing Up Is Fun!

    April 13, 2013 by Anex Seer


    So its beena few months since shit happened. Just had to change my profile pic again cause older and cooler and had a better lit room. So yeah thats when I realised I've been growing up here :' ) so I you know blogged. Honestly you guys have seen me through A LOT of shit, so I thought Id take a secound to say tankyou and I look forward to more happy times here (urrh tears everywhere lol).

    Yep... All. Bai!

    P.S Didn't go check out old leads, couldn't be arsed and WHO CARES!?

    P.P.S God whats wrong with me. Am I drunk, hyper or insane... Fucked if I know.

    P.P.P.S All sadness that Jack passed on, I did once talk to the guy over google+, ya know face to internet to face so yeah RIP

    P.P.P.P.S That kind of killed my good mood.

    P.P.P.P.P.S Is there li…

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    Old Leads

    February 17, 2013 by Anex Seer

    Just had an interesting conversation with 13 about a dream I had last night:

    • 12:30 Anex Seer Yo man, IamAB has just made a new blog. Looks bad for her.
    • 12:31 XIII-DEATH what i havent talked to her in months, i hopes she's ok
    • 12:33 Anex Seer She was talking about something stopping her coming here. She has all the classic signs, it seems any attempts to ward her off have failed.
    • 12:34 XIII-DEATH hmm
    • 12:34 Anex Seer Another thing. I don't know how I found it.
    • 12:35 XIII-DEATH nor do i
    • 12:36 Anex Seer The blog. I remember logging on as Anex, then being on her blog. She's not on the most popular blogs list or anything. I was just there. My memory must be lapsing again.
    • 12:39 XIII-DEATH hmm maybe
    • 12:40 Anex Seer Come to think of it I did have a pretty s…
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