Little rabbits feed our Habits,

We are millions fierce and strong.

The bloodthirsty rage within us,

Urges, that we move on,

Do not fight the forever flood,

Of paranoia, hate, and fear,

Because I will be with you all,

I'll always be right here,

We'll take the rabbits together,

And together eat them alive,

We'll fill our hearts with the joy of the slaughter,

The joy of their tortured cries,

And as they lay face down in the dirt,

You will see that these rabbits were friends,

The ones you loved,

The ones who loved you,

Who cried your name to the bitter end,

And then you'll try your very damnedest,

You'll try to separate us,

Until you realize that us is me,

And with me there is no us,

So you millions scared and weak,

Prepare for some devastation,

Some blood soaked hands,

Some broken bones,

And mass body counts across your nations,

Because I am the monster in your head,

The beast that hides beneath your bed,

The axe wielding man crossing your street,

The bloody hands that tear the meat,

Try to stop me if you can,

But you'll break the Habits of man.

With love,


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