It looks dreadful outside. Don't you agree? Look closely for me. No matter if the sun is out and the birds call it will be dreadful out there. Don't believe me? Ha! what a laugh. He stands there. Outside. Thats why it's dreadful.

So cold. Cold fingers brush my cheek in the night. But no! There is no one there. Even In the waking of those late hours I feel eyes burrow deep into me from nowhere. No matter how far I burrow in the covers I still feel it, like the veil of insanity that is coming closer.

Mirrors are bad too. I wait for that reflection to make a mistake. To sneek a peek every once in a while or move slightly off. Just a doplganger waiting. There is so much more to tell, but I am tired.

Is this the end? To fall in a forever sleep? or is it just mine?

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