Reciently, I found myself watching again some of the old favourites of my youtube account. I found the audiotape of the Thomas Case. The guy who lost his daughter in an attack by the slenderman.

The case was never solved...

Nor does anyone expect it to.

After all, the perp is not on reach, and even if it were, we can't touch him

He is not a god. Nor a mortal.

We don't know what the Perp is. We only know that it has been seen on diferent locations at the same time.

We have seen him on diferent times in the same locations yet at diferent place.

The case of Thomas goes like this: 

Thomas was waiting for his daughter to come back from the house of a friend of hers. Her friend lived just up the street, in a town near a forest. Thomas called the parents of her daughter's friend to tell them that it was getting late and that his daughter needed to come back soon. They told him she had left a while ago, so naturally, he went out, preocupied, to search for her. He decided to go look for her in the woods, because she used to explore the place with her friends, but as Thomas said, it made no sensce that she went alone. After a while he started to feel nauseous, and started to hear ringing in his ears, untill he fell to his knees. Then he saw "It", Details of this part are blurry but we know he saw his daughter's clothes. For comical purposes, I like to imagine that "It" was wearing them. But back to buisness, The man woke up eventually and went to the police to tell them what happened. Everything we know about this case is thanks to a tape that was recorded during the interrogation where he told (between tears and screams) The cops this story. Eventually during the interrogation, Thomas started acting terribly paranoic, and started screaming. The police tried to calm him but Thomas then started to scream "It is behind you". Two gunshots can be heared followed by silence... only a few unidentified steps can be heared.

Thomas and the Policeman dissapeared that day, they were never found, nor were their corpses, assuming they died. 

I can only hope they died, for it is better than to become a puppet of the tall one.

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