Last week i've been looking for clues about what he/it does to his/it's victims. As you can imagine, no good info came in. Everything is vage and incomplete, no matter where i look or how but i managed to put together some of that info to get to a conclusion. Of course, this is mostly Speculation, but it may help someone else reach their own conclusion. Let's beguin with some facts about his/it's victims: 

  • They all dissapear
  • They all suffered The Sickness
  • They were hunted for a weak or more.
  • They were targeted since childhood
  • Or were searching for him directly
  • Would complain about memory loss (Ups...)
  • Suffered Paranoia
  • Most of them attempted suicide, some even before being openly stalked.

That's all that i could put together during this week. Now, let's start with the speculation: Why do they dissapear? There are two possible explanations, ether they die and he/it eats them like some people say he does or he takes them elsewhere. But where does he takes them?  Let's work with both posibilities. First we say that he/it eats them. Does he feed on meat then? or is he trying to feed someone... or something else? So many posibilities. Too many to work with all of them on a single blog entry. I would discard that he literaly Eats his victims. If he would feed on humans then he feeds on Flesh but why the interest on humans? why would he hunt very specific individuals? Maybe he somehow harvest them. Maybe he feeds on humans because of our known "soul". All of these are posibilities that i can elavorate on the coment section if anyone asks but i want to keep this quick since if i elavorate on everything right now i have no idea when i'm going to finish.

Now let's work with the other posibility, the one that says he takes them. The question then would be "For what purpose?" well, again this is speculation and i will quickly explain what I can. There are literally a THAUSAND posiblities for why does he takes them, i just try to find the most posible ones given what i already stablished. He/it could be taking them because he is meant to, myabe he acts as an agent for someone, possibly not from this world, the study of his behavior tells us that he can not be negotiated with (At least by Meta), something uncommon in Faries. Now the other posibility is that he takes them so he can feed someone else or himself later.   We know the way the victims used to show up some time ago.  First, people woud appear dead hanging from a tree branch then The clothing would appear but no body, but now, there is nothing left. This brings me to the conclusion that he kills his victims, using phisical means to kill and then taking them to Atziluth (A realm). As for why does he takes the victims there, I do not know. Hell, i don't even know if any of this is accurate. Now, Him/it can and will acces to many realms the Meta can not acces, which gives him a vast ammount of  posibilities to act. Another theory is that he could take them to experiment. If this is true, then He/it conseders Humans Animal that can be experimented on, inferior beings. Like scientists when they make experiments with monkeys. If this is true then the abductions will stop at some point.

Now, on the next issue, How does he chooses a victim. He has no specific pattern to choose a victim, although all the victims DO have something in common. They were chosen since children. Every testimony i have heard about people desapearing because of him/it talk in some point about a small memory they lost and regained when they saw him/it about when they were children. Those who do not add this to their testimony have been looking directly for him/it. There is an old tale that dates to the age of the celts. It talks about a child that was abducted by a fairy. The kid never went back home, instead, reports would be made about a joung man that would ressemble way too much to that kid, but he would be described with fairy powers, he learned their way. Maybe someday one of his victims learns his/it's ways too? I dunno, but it would be awesome. Now, the children that have been targeted don't really have much in common, nothing that would  establish a pattern at least. Maybe his/it's reasons to choose someone are not visible to Meta; like an individual connection everyone has to diferent Realms or a specific ammount of something in the body. I don't know ether.   This has gone too long so i'll stop writing here. If you have any suggestions, corrections, comments, anything, please comment. As for me, My problems are somehow gone for now but the paranoia is still there. I'll talk about another theory about what he could be in the next entry. And sorry if this is very linked to "His reasons" and if this looks like an extention of that entry, it seems the two subjects are very linked. And I'm sorry for not making the entry I promised about "Him" in general, it would be a way too long entry for anyone to read. Let me know you thoughts about "Him", I could use any idea, thanks. 

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