First of all, I hope you all enjoyed your christmas :).

This is a Remake of my older entry: The Symbol. I will make corrections and rethink my Theory.

The symbol of the operator that is also called "The flag of slenderman" by some people, is an Oval with an X inside. This symbol is thought to be the "Face" of The Slenderman and the "X" is for his lack of it. This could very well be an interpretation but... why are those under the slenderman's pressure (Obsession) Pushed to draw endlessly the symbol and put it everywhere? It HAS to be something important.

In my older post I mentioned the Symbol's true meaning (Speculation of course), that one should be smart in order to survive, This may be true, but if so, then the slenderman uses this as a warning, meaning that he is aware of the damage he causes to his victims. This is of course bad news. BUT. Let's work in a diferent angle. Let's say the Symbol is something useful for the slenderman. How could he find that useful? Maybe he is bound to appear where the symbol is drawn, maybe it serves as a marking so he can never loose track of his victims, if so, he uses the obsession to have his victims give away their location. This is all i can come up with about the subject, other than my original post. Next entry will be about "The Psique of the Slenderman"

As every time i upload an Entry, i beg for corrections, observations and suggestions, if you have a subject that you think i shoud investigate leave it in the comment section. Thank you for reading.

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