This began at one of my past entries. I kept searching and searching for anything that would confirm me that slenderman is actually a physical being. I need to see him in light, not under shadows or in smoke. The main issue is the sources, I can't really trust many of them. The 95% of the images about the slenderman you will find on the internet will be fake (MH is fake too... just so  you newbies know) I went to the original "something awful forums" to search for the original pictures. None of them showed the slenderman in light, he was always in shadows... exept for one. There was one picture that showed actual shadows projected by the slenderman, which means that he was physical in that photo... or at least he had a form visible to everyone.

You see, light travels in a funny way. There is no way to be  100% invisible. Slenderman can decide when he will be seen by everyone and when he will be seen by someone, this doesnt't answer the first question but if I can somehow answer it, I can use it to respond the first question... so if you are not in the mood for a long reading, stop here.

How does slenderman decide who can see him and who doesn't? 

Well... I'm no oculist, but I know enough about the light theory to make my own Theory. 

->everything from this point is speculation and carefully crafted theory<-

The Slenderman can somehow manipulate the light that goes trough one's eyes. How does he do that? Let's start with the easiest to explain. When he wants to remain Invisible to EVERYONE there are two posibilties but for the sake of relevancy, I'll only write one.

He/it can somehow alter the light around him to pass directly trough him/it rendering him impossible to see, this however does not mean he isn't there, he can still be percived by other senses. You can hear him, or touch him unless he can also alter his atomic structure to allow particles to go right trough him, in which case he is intangible too. The hearing however.... He/it is somehow able to use his manipulation of sound to render every sound he makes into infrasonic waves, unable to be heared by humans (But still percived by the ear and brain) this works two ways for him/it, on a side, he cannot be heared, and on the other, he starts the indoctrination process just by hiding. Let's also asume he doesn't smell or at least he smells just like the envoriment, which means he does not produce any heat (Which also means that thermic goggles would be useless against him).

(As a quick trivia: If that written up there is true, then slenderman can be detected by using sonic equipment, but who the hell has that just lying in their houses?)

When he/it wants to remain undetected by A SELECTED NUMBER of people but he/it wants to be seen by A SELECTED INDIVIDUALS then things get more complicated. I'm sorry If i made a mistake in this part, I'm no physics teacher.

Remember when in the "The obsession" entry I wrote he had the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields? Visible light is electromagnetic radiation, which means he has limited (or illimited) control over visible light. Based in both Psicology and Physics, I was able to determine that he presents himself in a incomplete form presented in a very specific light direction. The human brain is programed to attempt to complete the information it gets, so when the incoplete light arrives, it goes trough a process to complete the light pattern, attempting to make sensce of the light that is not there, as a result, the visual persception increases, being able to see a limited ammount infrared or ultraviolet waves, which are normally invisible to the human eye. The direction he/it manipulates the light is that of the direction the selected individuals are reciving. That said, he presents himself fully in a infrared (Or ultraviolet) spectrum, rendering partially invisible to human eye, (exept if in a distance of 800 and so nanometers.) the increase in the perseption of those who recive the incomplete pattern of electromagnetic radiation, archive a augmented vision, enough to see lesser infrared or ultraviolet waves but not enough to be able to see the sun's energy. This, in theory, would drain a lot of energy from the body and one could start to have negative effects and synthoms. Aversion to light that proxies seem to have seems to be one of them.

Now that that is answered, the first questioin is made again:

Is the slenderman a physical being or a ghost?

The answer is: He is a physical being who is in therory able to manipulate each one of the perseptions of reality we may have. How does he have that power? That is one of the questions that must remain without an answer, for it is imposible to know without proper study of a subject. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this looooooooooong entry, If you made it this far, treat yourself a cookie.

This time more than ever, I BEG for corrections, observations and comments. 

The next entry will be about The Illnes.

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