This will be a quick entry. 

For some time I have considered some new theories about our friend Slenderman. I do think they have a point but I'm going to keep using the one that I've been using for some time (The one about him being a fairy :D) After reading some old legends, some books and some strange web pages filled with roleplayers (Or at least what i think was roleplay) I came to some conclusions. Some are mine, some are stolen from those websites.

Posible things he could be and why:

  • Fairy: No need to explain too much since we have already talked about it. 
  • Ghost: Ghost is an order that has some relation with Metas, they are demons (Demon is a term given to any non-human being that has a supernatural trait. Angels (Holy order)  in a way are demons too.) in a way similar to the fairies, they can be hostile or pasive. The main characteristic of ghosts is that they are not linked to phisical realms but they can interact with them. Ghosts can not be harmed by metas, so much is clear, but they can be harmed through other means. Our friend Slenderman could be a ghost because he is not linked to phisical realms, he teleports (Or moves real fast)  he can manipulate the mind and can be seen by some "Special" people. 
  • Nyarlathotep: Any lovecraft fan knows where I'm going. Nyarlathotep is described as an evil being, known to torture and manipulate (which fits the mind control feat) his victims. I could go on and on for the rest of the blog talking about how Nyarlathotep and Slenderman are similar. At some point, Nyarlathotep is described as a FACELESS being, shown as a large thin man (Thus this theory was born) We can have two posiblities here: They are not the same, but they have similarities. If this were the case, we would have to study their relation. Or they could be the same being with diferent name. Nyarlathotep can change his form, maybe the one of the Thin large man is only one of many that the internet named. 
  • Tulpa: Some people in the web seem to believe that the Slenderman is a being that exists in belief. If this is true, then he only exists for those who believe he exists, and has any trait the believer believes he has (Long arms, faceless, tentacles...) No one knows what he/it does to his victims so they just dissapear. This theory makes so much sence... then again, if anything could be explained this way it would all be easier.
  • Alien?: Not going to explain this one. It expains itself.
  • Fallen: Fallen is an order of demons that were once inhabitants of Atziluth but falled to our world and try to go back by any means. Or at least I think that's what they are. The Fallen order is a strange one, mostly unknown, if there is an order that we know next to nothing about, it is the Fallen order. That would explain why we know so little about "Him/it" but would not explain anything else.
  • Azrael: He could very well be an angel of death of a reaper, the theory I read called him Azrael, as in Azrael the angel of death, as in "Azrael the one who killed the first born childs in egipt". No much need to explain this one.

And That's about it. I can elavorate on the coments section if you have any dobuts. As always i accept and beg for corrections. Give me your opinion or your own theory about The Slenderman. The next entry won't come untill next month. I still haven't decided the subject so you could give me a suggestion about that too. Thanks.

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