This past month I came across some of my oldest friends. We used to be a very united group of 5, interested in various mithological creatures and beings, in Magic and it's connection to the real world. This was when we were really young. I was 8 when i read my first "magic book" (It was really nothing more thatn a few ancient tales but it was a "start")  and 10 when i had read everything the internet had about the subject. My friends were also looking for information and when we were 15 we were very well informed about magic in general. Soon, that was not enough, we started to look for any proof that magic were real, to create theories, schemes... eventually we had a whole new perspective about the world and it's "Secrets". But when we entered high school we split up. Everyone followed it's own path and i didn't see them in 3 years. About 2 weeks ago, I found one of them in the street while I was walking to a new store. I reconized him, he was Ivan and talked to him, chating for an hour. He told me he had been contacting Issac and Alex and last week we met in Alex's house. He told us that he wanted to keep doing our investigations to kill time and so we agreed. I mentioned this blog and instantly Ivan said: "Dude, let me join the cause! I am interested in the slenderman too!", so i let him, after all, we share the almost same amount of knowledge about the subject. Issac said upon being asked if he would assist too: "Yeah, sure, why not" and Alex (As our old "Leader") said: "Allright, we shall investigatee the Slenderman". 

My friends helped me remember things i had forgoten, things i am glad to have back.

I am no longer alone.

Our First Investigation: 

Slenderman's connection to the Dreamworld.

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