This began with a comment on a certain web, someone said "What if we have it all wrong? What if we have been seeing it wrong the whole time?" so I started watching this operator symbol diferently. A friend of mine helped me out with this speculation since i'm no expert in "another point of vew". He said "From another perspective it looks like a zero divided in four sections. After saying this, we looked each other as if we were thinking the same. In numerology and Tarot (Arcana) Zero may be an infinite cycle or a beguinning, and the number four could be "Attantion to detail" and "To push the limits" to be "Open minded and smart". We also notice how the "X" goes out of the "0". Mi friend speculates that this means that to finish an infinite cycle, one must pay attantion to the slightest detail, but I disagree, I think it could mean that it's a cycle that requires inteligence in order to keep up, but as I think about it, I think my friend is actually right. If you watch all the ARGs out there, everyone that has survived have been terribly unlucky but at the same time, real cautious and at some point has been able to detect anything out of the ordinary so I guess it's almost a safe assumption.

As for the next Blog: About the "Operator": speculations about his name.

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