So Regarding the "New Theories" entry.... I will try to work on it this week but i don't know if i'll have the time. For once the investigation is runing very smoothly, since i'm not looking into the complex yet undeveloped myth that is The Slender Man. At least one of this theories will help in the development of the mythos i hope. What i've been doing up untill now has been an attempt to develop the Mythos, without much sucsess of course. The truth is: I'm still not sure if he/it exists or not but I'm going to keep researching him under the "He exists" belief, which is dangerous since one of the theories out there is that he exists in belief (He exists only to those ho believe he is real) but since it's just an assuption and not my actual thought i guess I'll be fine. Expect the Entry between tomorrow and October 13.

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