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    What has he done?

    March 29, 2014 by AeonTruth

    Reciently, I found myself watching again some of the old favourites of my youtube account. I found the audiotape of the Thomas Case. The guy who lost his daughter in an attack by the slenderman.

    The case was never solved...

    Nor does anyone expect it to.

    After all, the perp is not on reach, and even if it were, we can't touch him

    He is not a god. Nor a mortal.

    We don't know what the Perp is. We only know that it has been seen on diferent locations at the same time.

    We have seen him on diferent times in the same locations yet at diferent place.

    The case of Thomas goes like this: 

    Thomas was waiting for his daughter to come back from the house of a friend of hers. Her friend lived just up the street, in a town near a forest. Thomas called the parents…

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    One last entry...

    February 23, 2014 by AeonTruth

    Hello!. I am Drake. Actually, that is tecnically a lie. Drake is a pseudonym I choosed for myself upon starting this blog.... I am the guy that has been wondering in this place since about a year or two ago. I made a vain attempt to explain this strange fictional character known as "Slenderman" using both, Magic and Science in the process. So far, I've attempted to explain everything this being has done, and his supernatural powers, even if there is no explanation. This blog began as an attempt to waste time writing stuff on my free time, I had seen a video about the Slenderman and I thought "This is interesting, I should look into this". As many other newbies in here, I began watching Marble Hornets and created my own theories. Then I fou…

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    Attempt to delete me >:D

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    Physical or Ghost?

    January 20, 2014 by AeonTruth

    This began at one of my past entries. I kept searching and searching for anything that would confirm me that slenderman is actually a physical being. I need to see him in light, not under shadows or in smoke. The main issue is the sources, I can't really trust many of them. The 95% of the images about the slenderman you will find on the internet will be fake (MH is fake too... just so  you newbies know) I went to the original "something awful forums" to search for the original pictures. None of them showed the slenderman in light, he was always in shadows... exept for one. There was one picture that showed actual shadows projected by the slenderman, which means that he was physical in that photo... or at least he had a form visible to ever…

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    So reciently someone commented on the entry "our 5th member" which has been corrupted with some random keyboard beating. It's kind of a long story so I decided to make the explanation here rather than the comment section. 

    The entry was made originally for you to know who were part of our team to investigate the slenderman and I was proud to have a team for once, but today we are not together. Before conspiracy starts to roll, they didn't die, they just told me that they didn't wanted; Or rather... couldn't help me anymore because they had more important issues at hand. One of them, the 5fth member got really mad at me when I gave so much information about her in the entry (I think I didn't gave any personal info but it really made her unco…

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