Hi this is my blog about slender man.He is real and do not deny his existence.
Update: Mar,11,14  last week i have recently be attacked by an unknown proxy when i was trying to slumber in my bed.  This invisible illussion or person is near my window for the past three or two weeks. I yet to find who or what it is. And some proxy said about they .who is they,proxies? I dont think these people are doing more harm then protection. Update: Mar,24,2014, Its almost my bday and things are getting weird around here. I went to forest yesterday and found some weird stuff, a couch and a carved x in the tree. A weird combo , I say. It appears that  Habit was there along with others,i just couldnt see them. I'm in bound in danger and major trouble. I'm trying to survive this and my mental state. At any moment i might go insane,im trying to quarentine that insanity at most. I guess I was on  the big hitlist and those dates and stuff i wrote down are warnings ,still this clay statue of some head ,feels like it has to do with a proxy or slendy. I guess I'm stuck in a corner untill i can firgure out to solve and find out this by myself. I'm not sure if i can find it out alone. I'm losing time.. Mar,30,14 these two weeks ive seen unimagineable things includling a vision of me on a island on asia and the other island explosed a great orange cloud that was rapidly covering the place in ashes and i felt the wind of it. I've seen a magnum on the floor black and white  ,ive wrotw weird warnings, in the future I might be in Tokyo,Japan., ive seen proxies/unkown beings. These three new fedora people maybe neutral,allies, or dangerous foes. there must be a grey one and ect that i will see in a future vision. Ive seen so many weird beings in my head ,you will kinda not handle it. HABIT sometimes takes controll me but I ussally back out quickly. also HABIT might appear where any place i am soon.Why so many people are yet after me and in the future , i yet to find out.

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