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  • My occupation is To find out truth and see others experience with slendy and proxies as well as other entities that are tied with slendy.
  • Acesshades12

    Slender awakes to find me

    September 26, 2013 by Acesshades12
    Hi this is my blog about slender man.He is real and do not deny his existence.
    Update: Mar,11,14  last week i have recently be attacked by an unknown proxy when i was trying to slumber in my bed.  This invisible illussion or person is near my window for the past three or two weeks. I yet to find who or what it is. And some proxy said about they .who is they,proxies? I dont think these people are doing more harm then protection. Update: Mar,24,2014, Its almost my bday and things are getting weird around here. I went to forest yesterday and found some weird stuff, a couch and a carved x in the tree. A weird combo , I say. It appears that  Habit was there along with others,i just couldnt see them. I'm in bound in danger and major trouble. I'm…
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