• 343gspark

    what can I do?

    October 10, 2012 by 343gspark

    About a year ago one of my brothers friends told me about slenderman. I didnt think much about it untill a bout 7 months later when the came out and my brother told me about how scary it was. Since then i have an unexplained intrest in everything slenderman.I have even met friends at school who say they have been stalked by the thing in the woods and although they are freaking out that i wish to do this; i want to find a way to contact/summon slenderman. I have drawn the operator symbole allover my school and drawn several 4 feet tall pictures of him but nothing seems to work.

    My girlfriend told me that if i wrote a short letter and threw it into the woods that he may respond.I did that a yesterday and am still waiting on a reply.

    Everyone s…

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