So I've decided to write my second slender man dream. I know I've been posting recent ones,but I've decided to post my very first and leading up to them.

P.s. If you haven't seen my latest blog,it's called Last night.


Imagine them going higher and higher and made out of darker wood.

So,this dream happened a couple years ago. It started out that I was in a big house or library. There was kids there,asking me if they wanted to play hide n seek. I agreed to play....all the other kids went running off. A couple minutes in,I heard screaming from the others,I remember running up a long staircase,and when I got to a landing,I looked back and saw slender man staring at me on a lower landing. He actually started to walk up the stairs,and I started to run. Eventually he caught up to me,I screamed then woke up.

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