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Another early dream

Forest ruins

A similar place in my first dream.

So here's TWO early dream. I guess this would be a continuations of One of my early dreams (Number 1) It was a clear day,I was out in the forest running (I don't know why I was running). I remember running up to this building ruin thing with columns and tall grass with vines. I looked to the at one columns,and saw Slender Man and this other person next to him. The other person had he/she face covered wearing very baggy dark colored clothes. After that,I woke up.

(Number 2) It was dark and thunder storming. Again i was in a forest walking,this time around with a flashlight. I was in a area where there was very tall trees. I remember hearing screams from above,then I saw Slender Man appear right in front of me. I was grabbed,but then I just woke up.

P.s. Each of these dreams happened weeks apart from each other.

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