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September 6, 2013
  • ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    Another one.

    December 17, 2013 by ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    So,last night I had another dream. It starts out like this,

    I remember in my dream that I was feeling sad,and lonely. I was in my house,I remember walking upstairs to my room. I plopped on my bed and started to watch something on my iPad (probably YouTube). I looked outside my window (my room is on the second level btw) and I saw Slender Man standing in my backyard. It was a sunny day,he was standing next to a power pole,and each time I looked away and looked back,he was closer. When I first saw him I felt extremely afraid and actually started to cry. I felt like I was going to die. After that I woke up.

    P.s. I had another dream like this one. Except in happen much when i was a kid,and it was night time..

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  • ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    Another early dream

    November 28, 2013 by ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    So here's TWO early dream. I guess this would be a continuations of One of my early dreams (Number 1) It was a clear day,I was out in the forest running (I don't know why I was running). I remember running up to this building ruin thing with columns and tall grass with vines. I looked to the at one columns,and saw Slender Man and this other person next to him. The other person had he/she face covered wearing very baggy dark colored clothes. After that,I woke up.

    (Number 2) It was dark and thunder storming. Again i was in a forest walking,this time around with a flashlight. I was in a area where there was very tall trees. I remember hearing screams from above,then I saw Slender Man appear right in front of me. I was grabbed,but then I just wok…

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  • ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    So I've decided to write my second slender man dream. I know I've been posting recent ones,but I've decided to post my very first and leading up to them.

    P.s. If you haven't seen my latest blog,it's called Last night.

    So,this dream happened a couple years ago. It started out that I was in a big house or library. There was kids there,asking me if they wanted to play hide n seek. I agreed to play....all the other kids went running off. A couple minutes in,I heard screaming from the others,I remember running up a long staircase,and when I got to a landing,I looked back and saw slender man staring at me on a lower landing. He actually started to walk up the stairs,and I started to run. Eventually he caught up to me,I screamed then woke up.

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  • ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    Last night.

    November 24, 2013 by ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    So,last night I had a hectic dream again. Here I go..

    So,I was in this weird shaped room with a checkerboard pattern on the bottom. There was chess pieces at random spots,tiles missing or out of pattern. I remember walking around until this random guy I've never seen before popped out of nowhere. He said something like,"HOLD ON!! GET READY!" Then all of a sudden I was in a backseat of a car. Apparently,the person driving was a maniac. He was driving through a ally like road. It was very very foggy,so foggy that I thought that the driver was going to wreck. Then I looked behind me,and right there,Slender Man was there. This time he had tentacles sprouting out. The car would speed ahead and,Slender Man would be farther away,but then he telepo…

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  • ⓍfluffykittyⓍ

    Alright.. I haven't created a blog post in a long time.

    So.. Last Saturday night I had another dream again. This time,in my dream,I was six years old walking around in a house I've never seen before. I remember in my dream I walked down a small hallway,off from the kitchen,into a den. Off to the side was stairs and at the bottom of the stairs there was a door. As I walked into the room,I remember hearing a strange noise,almost like a deep moaning noise,but it wasn't. When I got to the stairs and turned,He was there staring at me. I remember screaming and running down the hallway back into the kitchen.As I sneaked back to the entrance to the hallway,I hid behind the wall and peeped my head to see if he was there. This time he was closer,he p…

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