This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Marble Hornets and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
Characters and organizations discussed are portrayed by actors.
Unnamed Man
Unnamed Man -2
The unnamed man in MarbleHornets Entry #49










Chris Dominey

The Unnamed man #2 is a man who appears in Entry #49 of MarbleHornets. In the video, he spots Alex sitting under a tunnel in the park for a unusual amount of time, in which he becomes curious and asks Alex if he's okay. Alex then yells "I TOLD YOU NOT TO FOLLOW ME!" to which the man becomes reasonably confused, as Alex assumed it was Jay and appeared to be in a state of mass hysteria. The man is then charged, attacked and choked to death by Alex. Shortly after, Alex crushes the mans head with a large chunk of concrete 4 times before the Operator shows up and takes the body. The camera cuts out and the body vanishes entirely. In Entry #65, Tim finds the body lying on the ground in Rosswood, covered in blood with a mangled face, indicating this is the location where the Operator had taken the body.

The unnamed man's t-shirt covered in blood appears to have been left behind, as in Entry #29 Jay clearly finds blood splatter and the t-shirt, but in Entry #50 when Jay finds the tunnel again, all of the evidence of his death is gone entirely, taken by an unknown entity. The man's name is never stated, and Jay is pretty sure that Alex had no idea who that man was, having killed him mistaking him for Jay in his odd and confused mental state. Unlike Unnamed Man #1, this man was repeatedly referenced by the murder act, although his name is never stated and why he was there near the tunnel is also never stated, although he could have been out for a jog off the path.