This article discusses content originating from the ARG or ARE Marble Hornets and thus is confirmed to be fictional.
Characters and organizations discussed are portrayed by actors.

The unnamed Man #3 is an extra appearing in Entry #81. 

Appearance in the seriesEdit


During a visit to try to enter Benedict Hall, Tim comes across this man. He confronts Tim as to his presence on campus, but Tim manages to convince the man he is there to collect materials left behind by a friend of his who was a former student. The man tells Tim that he should return later when "Jacob" (an individual whom has never appeared and likely owns the area) returns. He is not seen again.


Very little speculation exists, and, like Unnamed Man #1, this man likely has no idea of Tim's journey or what he's up against. He's likely just an average groundskeeper


This man was played by Tim Sutton's father

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